Payment Policy

Our payment policy for shipped goods is designed to keep the prices low. We accept credit cards.  WE do accept PayPal, plus 6% and you can pay your PayPal account with your credit card. If you wish to use PayPal to make a payment with us, let us know and we will send you our PayPal account link.  PayPal method of payment adds cost to our product and services and while we accept PayPal payments,  we prefer bank transfers. However, we accept cash in hand, C.O.D. and postal guaranteed money transfers.

  1. Bank Transfers- Transfer is  received prior to shipment and includes cost of product and shipping cost, via EMS. A typical order of one item runs around 150 baht, including the shipping box.
  2. Cash in hand- While it is not advised due to security of your funds, some people prefer to mail cash. If you do so, please put it in a secure envelope that does not allow someone else to use a back-light to view what is in the envelope and please register your envelope.
  3. Post Office Guaranteed money transfer- Some people prefer this method because the post office does not release the money to us until you have signed for the package. We have no problem with this method and it gives the customer a better feeling of security in the transaction.
  4. C.O.D. Collect on delivery. The postal service will have an invoice that has been prepared by us. It will list payment due and will need your signature at time of payment. Package is handed over to you when payment is made at the post office. EMS will not deliver C.O.D. items to your home; the items must be paid for and picked up at the post office. C.O.D. charges vary according to the amount of the bill. The more the order costs, the more EMS charges for C.O.D. The C.O.D. charge is an addition to the EMS freight charge.
  5. PayPal- If you wish to pay via PayPal, you can do so if your order totals 1,000 baht or more. Because of the PayPal service charge to us on all transactions, we add 6% to your bill if paid with Pay Pal.  We do not have enough mark-up on our items to allow us to absorb PayPal fees.
  6. Credit cards-  Credit card purchases add 3% to the purchase price.  We do not have enough mark-up on our items to allow us to absorb credit card fees.

Return Policy

Our return policy is geared towards customer satisfaction. We know how aggravating it is to receive an item that isn’t quite what you thought it was after reviewing pics on the web. If you receive an item that does not fit, you can return it for exchange of another item in another size. You will be responsible for the return shipping but WE will pay for the shipping to send the replacement item to you. If you return an item and do not wish to have it exchanged, you are responsible for the return shipping and we will refund the original cost, plus the original shipping. That leaves you out-of-pocket for the return shipping cost only.

While we would like to be able to offer a 100 percent return policy, we cannot because of unscrupulous folks who have bought and used an item specifically for one trip and then returned them when the item is no longer needed. It is a sad thing that people will do that but some folks just operate that way. We don’t mind renting things out but we prefer to understand ahead of time that it was a rental.

Rental Policy

If you are in need of jackets, panniers, saddlebags, tank bag etc., for a one-off trip but really don’t want to invest in the gear long-term, let us know what you need. We do rent out some of the gear. In order to rent gear from us, specify what it is that you want, transfer the full cost of the gear to us and we will ship it to you.

When you’re done, return the gear and we will refund your initial payment, less the shipping and agreed upon rental fee. If the items show normal wear and tear, no extra fees will be assessed. If the items have been ruined and are non-reparable, the full cost of a replacement item will be assessed. Small repair fees will be absorbed by us. Damages requiring significant repair fees will be assessed to the customer.

Our rental fees are nominal and we are an honest business, looking for a long term relationship with our customers. Word of mouth is what sells our services.