Our Customer Say...

From David- “After a couple of hectic months I finally managed a night in Chiang Rai was able to catch up Chiang Rai Saddle Bags & boy was I pleasantly surprised.” Read the rest and see his pics at

From Gary- “I want to thank you guys for your help with my  ‘bike trunk’ .  You have service that is impossible to get.  Great hospitality and wonderful products.  I’ll be back soon for some free coffee and and some other supplies.”

From Woralak- “I would just like to thank you on behalf of myself and Worn for your kind hospitality and the great service that you offer at Chiang Rai Saddlebags.  The rear rack works a treat on my Phantom, also the sheep skin cover for the seats makes the ride more comfortable and we are able to go the extra miles before the aching buttocks set in and we have ti make a stop.  The coffee area you have set up is very relaxing and a great place to cool off after a long ride.  I would recommend anyone that is visting Chiang Rai to call in and have a look around.  Also the information you readily give is a very big help, whether it be places to visit or somewhere to eat or if you require information on where you can go for maintenance on the bike, you certainly have it covered.  Your shop, also your local knowledhge of Chiang Rai is a major assett to the community, for both Thai and Farang.  We wish you well and thanks once again for the kindeness and help.”

From Pieter- “Just wanted to let you know that you have one more satisfied customer!!  The bag arrived Friday and it is all that I hoped it would be, fits well and it is a good quality decent bag.”

From David- “Thanks for the EMS tracking number.  I picked up the model A from the post office this afternoon.  The mount had been well packed and on examinitaion, all is well.  I am very happy with my purchase.  Thanks again for the fiendly and efficient way this transaction was handled.  I would not hesitate to recommend yoi to others, should an opportunity present itself.”

From Dan-  “Thank you very much for a great reply.  You are very good and professional, which is unusual in Thailand.  I will make an effort now to get up there to Chiang Rai one day soon.”

From Dirk-  “Just picked up and mounted the GPS holder.  Works just fine.  Thanks for the quick delivery.”

From Cole-  “Now this is what I call speedy delivery.  These beauts were waiting on me when I got into my office.  I was thinking maybe tomorrow but was highly surprised to see them today.  Thanks!”

From Keith-  “Just rceived today.  I must thank you guys for your cooperation and communication, before and after the sale.  The watch is great, just as described, will look good next to the chopper as the plate number is also 666.  Thanks again and I will definitely buy from you guys again.”

From Jeff-  “I am away but got a message from my shop that the rack arrived today.  Thanks for the great service and ATB for 2012.”

From Robert- “ I have received the package and everything is good thank you.”

From David- “Received the new bags and all in good order, thanks for the prompt service.”

From Michael- “ Bags arrived today, look great and good quality, a lot cheaper than UK. well done! And thanks for the bonus chain lube, look forward to meeting one fine day.”

From Paul- “just a quick note to say i received the parcel yesterday afternoon. very happy with the items and your service also. many thanks once again and hope to do business with you soon.”

From Keith- “The rack came this afternoon and I have just finished fitting it.My Givi base plate fits perfectly on it. I will recommend this rack to anybody I meet with a Honda CBR250 as well as your excellent service.”

From Grant- “Thank you very much for you very prompt service and look forward to doing business in the future and always happy to recommend you to others.”

From Markus- “Packet arrived today. Thank you for the excellent service. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

From Peter- “Shipment received in perfect shape. Many thanks for your professional service.

From Rich- “Good to meet you yesterday. I wanted to write you a quick message to say that the Standit works perfectly on a Kawa KLX-250 and therefore probably all moto-x/enduro type bikes.”

From Dave- “Wow, no tracking number needed. I had them yesterday already. Amazing service. And I like the bags. They are quite roomy, light and should work well for our type of touring. Thanks for the great service and I hope to see you in Chiang Rai next time we’re up your way.”

From Dominique- “I really wanted to meet you yesterday in Chiang Rai as we are on holidays in the North , to tell you how I appreciate the email following of your customers! If only all the Thai companies were as good at this as you are … it would have spared me a lot of headaches here since ten years! Sadly I have to shorten my journey and hope to meet you on another trip in the North. Have a very nice Sunday!”

From Frank- “Received the parcel today and every thing fine, size and quality very all right. Thank you”

From Alain- “Many thanks for shipping the package. I received it and I am very satisfied. It’s perfect for my Honda CBR150 in 2009! I am sending for you, two pictures of the bag on the bike. Thank you very much”

From Colin- “I received the parcel today thank you very much. Thank you both for all your help, if I need any thing else or any of my friends need anything I’ll be in touch.”

From Conrad- “Got them this mornimg, looking good.”

From Grant- “Many thanks and by the way, love the tank bag I got from you, it is great on the bike.”

From Conrad- “Thanks, looking forward to the arrival, your web site is top notch, if you did it yourself, good on you.”

From Reinhard- “To date the GPS holder held up well. And a friend’s tankbag seems fine too. ( I believe he bought from you too)”

From Reinhard, again- “Meant to tell you earlier. The holder was well received and I mounted it and it held up its first 700km test-ride. Thank you.”

From Daron- “I have received the tank bag. I must say I am pleased with your service. Thank you very much for the rush.”

From Daler- “Hi, I have got the package today. It looks like pretty good quality. Thank u very much for good products.”

From Alan- “Shipment received thanks. GPS/mobile phone holder is very good. Perfect. I will have a go at fitting the saddle bags on my bike today. They are just big enough to fit my laptop as you suggested, well done. The quality is quite good for the price too.”

From Kevin- “Thank you for your detailed and informative response. I wish I had heard about this about 3 years ago before I traveled 30,000km through Northern Thailand and Laos . It would have made the trip much easier.”

From Jack- “Just confirming receipt of my order. Thank you for your excellent service. Your business will certainly get my recommendation.”