Most of our products come from different Asian countries. We offer very little from the western world. However, many western products are actually made in Asia, to western standards. The products we seek are competitive in quality and endurance with most of the western counterpart products. We do not sell junk. We always order in a sample product and review it, prior to ordering any of that product for stock. It is a slow process but in the end, we have good quality products on our shelves and can offer them at decent prices. Some of the products we order are from the same batches that get sent to the west but we are able to offer them at a reduced price because of the ASEAN trade agreements that limit the import duties here. One can find the same product in a western country for twice the cost because of the extended shipping rates and the import taxes that are suffered by western importers. Just because you find good prices here does not mean that you won’t find good quality.

Often, an item will be out of stock here and a two week wait is endured before we can stock the items on our shelves again. This policy is due to our efforts to keep the prices down. We can order from our partner factories and suppliers and receive items in just a few days. In order to do this, we must use the express freight companies and that adds an enormous cost to the product. Our products are shipped to us via sea, which is slow but also relieves us of as much as a fifty percent increase in our costs. If any customer wants the item in a hurry, we will order it express if the customer is willing to pay the extra shipping cost. Three days is the normal wait for individual items shipped express to us. Please note that while three days is the norm, sometimes items get held up at Thai customs for several days and there is no way to expedite that process.